Uluru bei Sonnenaufgang

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In the Blue Mountains the sky is blue and we are greeted by sunny, warm weather. But the temperatures are fall like only the Eucalyptus trees don´t have fall colours. They rather shed their bark. But in the villages  many feral leaf trees are in full autumn colours.

The Three Sisters below Katoomba

But on Sunday a storm front is moving through and it stays rainy for the next 10 days. Temperatures drop to 10 - 15C.

Storm clouds over the Blue Mountains

We move into a cosy cabin and spend most of the time on the sofa below the heater. Debbie is climbing with Monique and Simon, friends from Mt. Victoria. Most cliffs are steep enough to stay dry. And I´m working on the next edition of the Frankenjura Guidebook. Why did I take the backup files with me?

With rhubarb cake on the sofa

On a rainy and misty day we drive back to Sydney to check out Featherdale Park. Where else can you see night active local animals or pet koalas? But the main attraction is the feeding of the Tasmanian Devils. They make a horrendous sound when biting through rabbit skulls and leave nothing behind.


Rock Wallabies

Curious Emu


Tasmanian Devil

After one week we´re fed up with the cold and rainy weather and drive north. First through the green hills of New South Wales with many orchards and wineries, along river banks and the Pacific Coast to visit my uncle in Byron Bay.

Light house in Byron Bay

Wild coast

We stay with my cousin Coral and get indulged all day long. We take short day trips to the coast and the lush green hills. What a difference to the dry and arid interior of Australia.

The Australian Schwertners with avocado and palm trees in their backyard

Minyon Falls (100 m tall)

Easy life in Nimbim

Sadly our time in OZ is limited and we drive to the Great Barrier Reef on our last weekend. It´s 500 km north of Brisbane on quiet country roads.

The perfect tent site

On the Sunshine Coast the reef is 60 km from the shore. We stay in Town of 1770 and take a boat out to Lady Musgrave Island. The weather is calm and sunny and we spend a dreamlike day on this paradise-like island with its white beaches and warm waters.

Debbie snorkling

From here we drive back to Brisbane and another orthopaedic appointment. The plaster has to be cut open for the flight back home. 48 hours later we are back home in Germany and Helena is at the station to pick us up.

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