Uluru bei Sonnenaufgang

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North of Coober Pedy we pass the Dog Fence. A 6000 km long fence that was erected to keep dingos away from the sheep farming land in the south and southeast.

Dog Fence

But our destination today is Uluru 700 km further northwest in the Northern Territory. Surprisingly the landscape north of Coober Pedy is greener. Mulga shrubs, gum trees and spinifex grass is growing here in abundance.

Sunrise at Uluru

Heaps of tourists climb Uluru, even though
the indigineous owners ask not to do so

The northern slopes of Uluru


From Uluru its only 50 km to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).

Kata Tjuta

Between the 500 m tall konglomerat hills are deep canyons with lush vegetation. Most of these plants are unique.

Walpa Gorge

From Kata Tjuta we drive to King's Canyon and set up our tent on a nice campground. We see our first dingos here. Their ancestors came to Australia with Asian sailors 3500 years ago.


The next day I'm limping into the green King's Canyon. Debbie is doing the 5.5 km rim walk with fantastic views of the canyon and the lush green "Garden of Eden". And she is back to the car faster than me.

King's Canyon

South face of the canyon

On the way back we stop again at Coober Pedy. From here its a two day drive to Adelaide and back to the Grampians. Friends from Nuremberg are here, and Debbie goes climbing with them.

Stuart Highway

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