Uluru bei Sonnenaufgang

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Red Neck Wallaby

In the Grampians we spend the first night on our favorite Stapylton Campground. We call it a zoo for obvious reasons. But camping with a plaster isn't much fun, so we move into a nice and spacious cabin. I spend the days on the sofa with my new laptop and Debbie goes climbing with Udo and Helena. Fall has finally arrived, and on the second day there is a sand storm moving through with wind speeds exceeding 120 km/h. Visibility drops down to 50 m and less. Daytime temperatures barely reach 15C but in the evenings we have a cosy fire burning.

Debbie climbing Cosmic Psycho (24)

Debbie cranking on Spurting Life (26)

After an easy week it is time for another medical check-up and we leave for Sydney. We drive north through Victoria's back country and old gold mining towns. We stay in Mount Kosciuszko National Park below Australia's highest summit, which is only 2229 m. At night the temperatures drop to a chilly 2C. The vegetation is very different from what we've seen so far. The traces of the forest fires from 2002 can still be seen in many places.

Sunset near Mount Kosciuszko

Next morning we get up early and have an amazing view from our tent. More than 50 kangaroos are out in the meadow and we see boxing males among them.

Sunrise in Geehi

Boxing kangaroos

Kangaroo we a full pouch

From Mount Kosciuszko we follow the costal road to Sydney, where we stay with my cousin Roland. We have a relaxed morning in town and visit the excellent aquarium in the afternoon.

Parrots having breakfast

Platypus - they really exist

Saltie - nice teeth

Large Ray

Big Turtle

Sydney Harbour Brigde

Opera House

Friday afternoon we leave the city for the Blue Mountains which are just 80 kms further west.

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